Hypoallergenic Breeds of House Cat

Many people suffer from cat allergies, but still want to own a cat. Here, our Greensboro veterinarians cover different cat breeds that are less likely to trigger your allergies.

If I have cat allergies, can I still be a cat owner?

Being a cat lover that lives with cat allergies can be difficult and confusing. Luckily, some breeds of house cat are considered hypoallergenic — that is, they're significantly less likely to cause you to have an allergic reaction.

It's still important to pick a cat that will be compatible with your life. The following hypoallergenic cat breeds may fit your personality and lifestyle:


Intelligent, expressive and people-oriented, you can expect your Siberian cat to meet you at the door when you come home to ask you about your day — and tell you all about theirs.

Siberians are known for their problem-solving skills and their love for toys and games. Not the biggest cat, Siberians are nonetheless quite agile and will leap over your tallest bookcases. These are ideal lap cats, and they'll purr happily when you groom them.

Russian Blue

Playful and affectionate with their trusted human but more reserved around strangers, the dignified and always smiling Russian Blue will be your ever-present companion. Quiet, polite and well-behaved (for a cat), Russian Blues can be trained rather easily.

When it comes to routine, Russian Blues are very particular — even more than an average cat. Changes, whether they are to the dinner schedule, the litter box or the household in general, will lead to vocal displeasure.


The Bengal may look wild, but these energetic cats draw raves for their playful antics and loud personalities. Bengals are notably intelligent, making them a truly special companion.

In addition to being athletic and loyal, Bengals often love water — particularly running water. Whether longing to stick a paw under a faucet or a sudden voluntary journey into the bath, these cats have enough of a fascination with water that you'll quickly learn to keep the toilet lid closed.


These devoted and loyal hairless cats will follow you around and purr happily just because you're near. A Sphynx will expect constant attention from you, but that's only because they love their humans as much as you'll love them.

Sphynxes are extremely playful and have a child-like mischievousness. You can expect to see this cat running and jumping through the air, climbing your bookshelves and even your doorways.


Closely related to Siamese cats, Balinese are athletic, playful and very talkative. They're just as likely to climb on your shoulder for a ride around the house as they are to bring you a ball or toy to play fetch.

Balinese cats are loving and devoted, and will become in tune with your moods and try to cheer you up when you're down. However, they can also be quite sensitive, and scolding your Balinese when trying to correct bad behavior can lead to hurt feelings.

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Best Breeds of House Cat for Preventing Cat Allergies, Greensboro Vet

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