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Allergy Treatment for Pets in Greensboro

Our experienced veterinary team at Friendly Animal Clinic in the Greensboro and Guilford College area can help prevent and treat allergies that your pet may experience.

Dermatology & Allergies | Friendly Animal Clinic | Greensboro Veterinarian

Allergy Treatment for Cats & Dogs

Help prevent or treat diseases of the skin, ears, eyes, and nails with allergy veterinary care for your pet.

If your pet is suffering from recurring skin problems, allergies, or ear infections, it can be very uncomfortable for them and upsetting for you as a pet owner.

Our veterinary staff have multiple testing options available with our in-house lab, which can help to confirm the cause of your pet's skin disorder. Treatment for their condition will be recommended.

For difficult to manage cases or further allergy work up, you may be referred to a local board-certified dermatologist.

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Customized Allergy Treatment Plans in Greensboro

Once our Greensboro vets have determined the nature of your pet's skin problem or allergy, we will design a customized treatment plan that addresses it. We may also recommend preventive measures, such as specialized diets or environmental changes to help your pet feel better and maintain good skin health going forward.

Causes & Symptoms of Skin Problems in Pets

  • Causes

    Like people, pets can develop allergies as a result of reactions to food or environmental allergens.

    Other factors include underlying diseases or conditions, bacterial infections, hot spots, hair loss, acne, or parasites such as fleas, ringworm, or ear mites.

    The resulting skin irritation can vary from mild or temporary to a far more serious development of infections or other health concerns.

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  • Symptoms
    • Excessive scratching
    • Excessive licking
    • Red, irritated skin or sores
    • Chewing or biting the skin
    • Scooting
    • Constant rubbing of the face or ears
    • Dry or flaking skin
    • Loss of hair/fur

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FAQs About Skin Problems

  • What are some of the common skin problems that cats and dogs develop?

    Some of the more prevalent skin problems for cats and dogs include allergies, itching, skin irritation, flea bites, hot spots, and dry skin. These can range from mild to severe and can lead to other health concerns.

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  • What can I do to prevent skin issues for my pet?

    Your pet's specific skin problem will determine the type of prevention needed to stop it from recurring. Your vet may recommend modifications to your pet's diet or the products they come into contact with, including flea treatment, grooming or household products. Regular brushing to prevent matting of the fur and providing a more calming environment may be suggested as well.

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  • Should I bring my pet to the vet for their skin?

    If you're concerned about the condition of your pet's health, you should make an appointment with your vet. If your cat or dog is scratching excessively, has bitten or scratched themselves so intensely that they have sores or bleeding, is losing large quantities of fur, or they've developed any lumps or bumps on the skin, it would be wise to make an appointment with your vet.

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  • My pet is scratching but has no visible signs of a skin issue. Why?

    Any significant scratching or grooming could cause irritation, sores, or bleeding, and may be a sign of underlying issues. Even if you don't see any visible sign that your pet has a skin condition, you should bring your pet to the vet if they are scratching or grooming excessively.

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Our Veterinary Allergy Services

At Friendly Animal Clinic in Greensboro, we provide the following allergy services to help relieve your pet from skin irritations:

  • Allergy diagnoses and treatment
  • Treatment of ear and nose disorders
  • Treatment of mites (demodex and scabies)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and hormonal disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment of paw and nail disorders
  • Identification of the underlying cause of seborrheic and breed disorders
  • Identification and treatment of immune disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and tumors

Grooming Services for Dogs

At Friendly Animal Clinic, we love helping pets look and feel their best! We offer nail trims, bathing, and anal gland expression services for dogs at our hospital.

Ideally, dogs should have their nails clipped every 6-8 weeks. And bathing helps to not only remove substances that trigger allergies in your dog, but it can help to reduce the allergens that people can be sensitive too, as well.

If you struggle with trimming your dog's nails or find bathing them to be a chore, we can help!

We also offer anal gland expression if your dog's glands are becoming impacted or infected. Speak with your vet to see if this is right for your dog.

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  • Best ever animal clinic! This has been my vet for 40 years, I would not take my pets anywhere else. Best vets and office staff, and workers in the back are the best ever. I just love this place.
    - Jan T.

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