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Recommended Wellness Care for Dogs

As a dog owner, the health and wellness of your pet is paramount. Here, our Greensboro veterinarians describe the recommended care included in our Wellness Plans.

What is included in a Wellness Plan?

Taking an active role in your dog's health and wellness can seem daunting at first. At Friendly Animal Clinic in Greensboro, we offer Wellness Plans that combine a number of essential care services your dog will need. Here's a more detailed breakdown on what is included in these plans:

Physical Exams

With a Friendly Animal Clinic Wellness Plan, you will get an annual physical exam, a 6-month wellness exam and a fecal exam. The result is a comprehensive assessment of your dog's physical health.

Of course, unlike when you go to your own doctor, your dog cannot talk to explain important key information that may be required. We'll rely on you to answer specific questions, with your answers guiding the exam, in addition to other factors like age and pre-existing health conditions.

The exams can include:

After each exam, your veterinarian will review the results and discuss what your next steps (if any) should be.

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm can be deadly to animals, but luckily it's also completely preventable. That's why it's so important to make sure your dog receives preventive care for this disease.

Animals can be infected with heartworm through bites from infected mosquitoes. The parasitic worm that causes the disease can grow and reproduce within your dog.

Heartworm disease can be treated if your dog is diagnosed, but preventive measures are better for both your pet and your budget. Some treatments can cause complications and even be toxic.

With a Wellness Plan, your pet will receive a blood test for heartworm, as well as 12 months of preventive medication.

Tick & Flea Prevention

Ticks and fleas are both external parasites living on the body of their 'host' and feeding off their blood. Our goal is to make sure your dog does not become a host body for a flea or tick infestation.

These parasites can be a serious nuisance in your home. Ticks and fleas are known to cause discomfort, and they can also carry disease to your dog — and possibly to your family.

Each type of parasite has different symptoms, ranging from head shaking and fever for ticks to excessive scratching and patches of red skin for fleas. Unfortunately, these infestations from parasites are quite common, particularly without preventive care. 

Wellness Plans at Friendly Animal Clinic include 12 months of preventive medication for fleas and ticks.

Our Wellness Plans are ideal for providing the recommended care your dog needs without breaking your budget. Choose the Wellness Plan that's right for your pet.

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